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To a growing degree, developments in the automotive industry touch on other technological and marketing areas. One of the major tasks AutomotiveNL performs as an industry representative is developing and maintaining strong cooperative relationships. Partnership can be a multiplier in terms of capacity, activities and results for all partners involved. We highlight some of the most important cooperative relationships below.

HTSM Top Sector/Holland High Tech
The Dutch automotive industry is part of the HTSM sector. AutomotiveNL develops the roadmaps and innovation programme for HTSM under an overarching plan and complex of facilities. AutomotiveNL is represented on the Executive Board of the HTSM top sector body and is a partner in Holland High Tech, one of HTSM’s main implementing bodies, which is in charge of branding the Netherlands as a high-tech industry country. 

Government Agencies
Mobility and everything related to it is by its very nature an area in which the government develops policy and administers activities. The automotive industry views the government as an important partner at every level – regional, provincial, national and international (EU) – and on every front – economic activities, innovation, traffic, education, campus development and acquisition (at home and abroad). AutomotiveNL works closely with the Municipality of Helmond, the Provinces of North Brabant and Limburg, Brainport Development, BOM (Brabant Development Agency), LIOF (Limburg Development and Investment Company), NFIA (Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency), and the Dutch Ministries of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure and the Environment, along with their implementation organizations RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) and Connekt. Another valuable government partner is Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch public works and water management department.

Trade Associations
AutomotiveNL strongly believes in the importance of forging a good working relationship with the trade associations in the automotive industry: the RAI Industry Platform, NEVAT (Holland Automotive Sector Group), BOVAG and FOCWA, as well as M2i (materials innovation institute) and Waterstofnet (sustainable hydrogen projects).

International Industry Organizations
AutomotiveNL actively engages in close partnerships and coordinated activities with the international automotive networking organizations Flanders Make, AutoCluster NRW, Moveo, Safer, Bayern Innovativ and others through international partnership projects such as ENEVATE and ACEMR.

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