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AutomotiveNL is a strong, uniting cluster organization dedicated to working together with all automotive-related organizations to address the challenge facing the Dutch automotive industry. The most challenging areas at present are:

- Green Mobility: Close collaboration on research and innovation in the area of:

1- ICE powertrains (internal combustion engines)
2- (x)EV powertrains (fully or partially electric powertrains)
Source: Horizon 2020

- Smart Mobility: The introduction of an increasing level of automation in driving tasks, geared toward such benefit as:

1- Active safety (reducing accidets caused by human error)
2- Efficiency (increasing efficiency and battling congestion)
3- Comfort
4- Urban accessibility
Source: ERTRAC Roadmap

- Efficient, Flexible & Sustainable Manufacturing Processes: Creating a technological platform for future development and industrialization:

1- Use of suitable materials in the vehicles of the future
2- Use of virtually engineered production processes
3- Implementation of sustainable, efficient manufacturing processes
Source: Horizon 2020

Engineer of the Future: Moving from mono-disciplinary to multidisciplinary systems engineering:

1- Broad-based knowledge of mechanical, electrical and IT disciplines, along with their interconnectedness in the systems as a whole
2- Knowledge of changes in social and mobility issues and challenges for driving behaviour and traffic management
3- Substantial contribution to innovative, sustainable manufacturing processes and virtual engineering concepts.

Source: HTSM Roadmap 2025

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