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The AutomotiveNL organization consists of three entities, each of whose duties are specified in the company’s articles of association.

AutomotiveNL Federation
The Federation is the entity that sets policy for the Dutch automotive industry and serves as its representative in interacting with government bodies, counterpart associations and international organizations. Membership in the Federation is open to organizations that have a strategic interest in carrying out valuable automotive activities. The members collectively form the member’s council, which chooses the Federation’s board as a representative reflection of the industry. Federation members pay a membership fee commensurate with the size of their organization, with the options of basic or full membership. The Federation uses its membership fees to fund AutomotiveNL’s operations.

At the present, the Board consists of:
- Henri Koolen, VDL Bus & Coach
- Paul van den Avoort, TNO Industrie en Techniek
- Maurice Geraets, NXP Semiconductors B.V.
- Kees Gehrels, NXP Semiconductors B.V.
- Carlo van de Weijer, TomTom Eindhoven
- Paul Hesen, TomTom Eindhoven
- Maarten Steinbuch, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
- Arno Vijverberg, Bosch Transmission Technology
- Jos van Bree, Gemeente Helmond
- Frans Lipman, Tridec
- Wim Vossebelt, V-tron
- Ron Borsboom, DAF Trucks N.V.

Supervisory Board
As an oversight body, the Supervisory Board is made up of two industry members and one member from the Municipality of Helmond. It monitors AutomotiveNL’s performance in terms of following Federation policy, realizing its annual programme goals and managing its finances. The Supervisory Board is an independent body that reports directly to the Federation. It also nominates candidates for director of AutomotiveNL to the Federation.

AutomotiveNL BV
AutomotiveNL BV is the implementing body for the industry, advising the Federation on policy. The company is responsible for drafting the annual programme, including the requisite budget, and executes it upon approval by the Federation. The directorship of AutomotiveNL reports on this to the Supervisory Board.

Automotive Facilities of Brainport Holding BV
AutomotiveNL is the manager of Automotive Facilities of Brainport (AFB) Holding BV according to the articles of incorporation. The holding has five shared facilities, along with the AFB centre, under its auspices. AutomotiveNL is only responsible for operating the AFB MP Lab BV; the remaining four shared facilities are run by other companies. 

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