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19 12 2018 03

The EU project LISA for the development of high-energy and safe lithium-sulfur battery cells for electric vehicles will launch on January, 1, 2019. Partners include Varta Micro Battery, Renault, Fraunhofer, TU Dresden, and Oxis Energy.

LISA stands for Lithium Sulfur for Safe Road Electrification and is coordinated by LEITAT. The European project aims to design and manufacture a lithium-sulfur technology that will enable safe electrification of EV applications over the next 43 months.

Li-Sulfur is a promising alternative to Li-ion batteries as it is free of critical raw material and non-limited in capacity and energy by material of intercalation. Still there are challenges and LISA intends to develop hybrid solid state non-flammable electrolytes validated at a 20Ah cell level. The partners hope this will solve specific Li-S technical bottlenecks on metallic lithium protection, power rate and volumetric energy density—together with cost.

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