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Voitures Extravert IP B.V.

Located in: Green mobility
Zacharias Jansenstraat 3
provincie: Utrecht

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Just imagine: you, in a classic 911.
But now, take your imagination a bit further... What if this classic 911 could be your daily drive? Completely new built, fully tailor made while true to its origin, and... all electric with 400 km of range.

Voitures extravert gives new life to iconic cars, with technology of our future, 100% rebuild, true to its origin. Powerful and silent, all electric. Because Iconic classics belong in the streets, not in a museum.

We offer the quintessenza: a brand new classic, completely rebuilt, true to its origin, all electric with 400 km of range. 

“...For those who love to daily drive one of the most exceptional cars in the world combined with maximum innovation: unparalleled distinction, unique in the world. In the quintessenza, an irresistibly silent and powerful electrical motor elevates the classic and iconic design to the highest level. The best of both worlds come together in this car: iconic art and todays innovation...”

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