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ESTEPE Special Truck Products

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ESTEPE is a professional business whose activities complement the product range of major truck manufacturers (for the European market). ESTEPE provides innovatively designed products which help optimise transportation and raise capacity levels. At ESTEPE, you get one-stop-shopping. We are able to carry out a diversity of conversions, so that the vehicle can be delivered directly to the body builder or the end-user, including any necessary official approvals.

The different productgroups are:
Cabin Modifications.
You want the ideal cabin that meets your requirements precisely? ESTEPE would like to help you. The options will surprise you: we include all of your specific wishes in a custom-made cabin. Naturally, we ensure that the cabin is at least as strong as the original and that it retains all original functionalities.

Chassis optimisation
More loading capacity, optimum manoeuvrability, and more intelligent use of space on the chassis - they are just some of the advantages of the chassis optimisation that ESTEPE can carry out for you. Your problem is our challenge. We ensure that you are not only satisfied, but certainly also that the truck manufacturer agrees to the modifications.

Complete / Special Vehicles
ETEPE delivers complete / special vehicles for a wide range of applications. These vehicles can be divided into four categories: scissor lift vehicles for airports, shunting vehicles (e.g. for transhipment centres), truck transport trailers and vehicles in the lighter business vehicle segment.

More truck solutions
We support OEMs in all phases of the development process of their new transport solutions. This could involve complete processes, but also one-off projects and major series for e.g. fleets. We are involved with one or more product modifications for all seven major manufacturers. In cooperation with the OEM we devise transport solutions that increase their sales market and improve the profit generated by their products.


Roof alterations => heavy haulage / car and truck transporters / cooling motor / build-on related Cabin-exterior => halving / heightening or lowering / lengthening or shortening / moving / topsleeper Cabin-interior => sitting / sleeping / sitting and sleeping / various Adding axles => x-treme wide spread / pusher and tag axles (5.6 up to 12 ton) / EML-axle (4.5 ton) Exceptional Transport => components frame / chassis reinforcement / cabin roof modification / extra axle(s) Chassis optimisations => lowering / wheelbase modification / moving of components Chassis ? various => couplings and fifth wheels / chassis covering / preparation and fitting X-Low and Liftboxx => X-low retail vehicles / Liftboxx vehicles for innercity distribution Shunting vehicles => shunting tractors / shunting rigids Scissor lift vehicles => cleaning / catering and last minute vehicles for airports Truck Transport Trailer => ideal vehicle to optimise (truck) transport

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