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Hendrik Westerstraat 20-22
Oude Pekela
provincie: Groningen

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HempFlax in Oude Pekela, the Netherlands, manufactures and processes durable raw materials, semi-finished products and end products made from ecologically cultivated fibre hemp and flax. With its professional approach to the development and innovation of recyclable natural fibre products, HempFlax is the first link in a sustainable industrial chain. This industrial production chain is a result of sustainable agriculture. Every year, HempFlax obtains new natural fibres, particularly fibre hemp, through contract cultivation with arable farmers in the Netherlands and Germany. By putting recyclable raw materials on the market, HempFlax has gained a leading position in this innovative industrial development. Its main objective is to produce recyclable raw materials for industrial end products and commodities for the consumer market. With its vision and innovative decisiveness, HempFlax in the Netherlands and Germany gives meaning to the term agrification. By providing recyclable raw materials, environmentally harmful synthetic fibres made of fossil raw materials, such as nylon and plastics, can be replaced by fibres made of recyclable raw materials.


Non woven textiles from natural fiber for composite reinforcement. Mixture of natural fibers are used to produce a non woven mat for different type of moulding techniquesnon woven mats from 4 mm till 10 mm up to 2,50m wide.


Automotive industry Construction industry Equistrian industry

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