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Sorama B.V.

Strijp-T (Q) / Achtseweg Zuid 153H
provincie: Noord Brabant

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+31 40 3041019

Supporting customers with their noise control issues during development and after sales projects. Sorama can help customers with a noise control service and also with high end Sound imaging solutions. By using the new Sound Imaging technique Sorama is able to pinpoint noise sources and understand dynamic behavior in a shorter time span and with higher accuracy than ever before. For more information please don't hesitate to contact us.


Visualizing sound and vibrations by using a patented Sound Imaging technique.


Chassis Dyno Semi - Anechoic chamber


Product developers in a wide range of products: - Customer electronics - Automotive industry (Wide range) - Buildings and contractors - Yachts - Heating & ventilatiion (also boiler systems) - high end chip manufacturers

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