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AutomotiveNL has a diverse board which we are proud of! The following gentlemen adhere strongly in the background when determining substantive policy.

Henri Koolen, VDL Bus & Coach
"The Dutch automotive industry, where I am employed for over 20 years, is crucial for the Netherlands. AutomotiveNL is THE place where companies, knowledge institutions and government come together in the field of Education and Innovation. Both very important for the future existence of the Dutch automotive industry. As a board member / chairman of AutomotiveNL I try to make my contribution as good as possible.”

Paul van den Avoort, TNO Leefomgeving
"For a liveable environment safe and clean traffic without traffic jams and efficient transport of goods are very important. With the industry and government, we want to drastically reduce CO2 emissions in traffic and the number of casualties and significantly improve traffic flow. Cooperation within AutomotiveNL means that we can bring real acceleration of developments in this area. As a board member of AutomotiveNL I bring innovative expertise on behalf of TNO and also the passion to work on safe and clean transport and traffic without traffic jams.”

Maurice Geraets, NXP Semiconductors B.V.
"The Netherlands take the lead in Europe in Smart Mobility and ‘Connected, Cooperative & Automated Driving’, through combining cooperative mobility and a system approach to traffic management. AutomotiveNL brings leading market players, government, education and research institutions together to make a contribution here. With this we ensure that our mobility gets cleaner and safer with less congestion and we create export opportunities and jobs. In my role at NXP I contribute to the development of the leading role from the Netherlands in the world.”

Kees Gehrels, NXP Semiconductors B.V.
"AutomotiveNL is a catalyst for cooperation between companies, universities and government. It is an ecosystem (informal consortium) in which knowledge is cultivated and innovation stimulated. Nice examples are the 2016 Truck Platooning project and the seminar ‘autonomous cars’ and of course the networking opportunities, such as the Supplier Day at the last AutomotiveNL member meeting. In my role at NXP I like to initiate – together with our partners – innovative projects that make a difference.”

Carlo van de Weijer, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
"I am honoured to be part of the AutomotiveNL board for quite some years now, and in that time I have clearly seen that the position of the Dutch automotive industry has strengthened ever since. An important reason is that the car has become an embedded software platform, which means its key differentiator has moved to a traditional strengths of the region. I am more than ever convinced that we can help the automotive industry to speed up their transition towards inherently safe and clean mobility.”

Paul Hesen, TomTom Eindhoven
"As a board member I am one of the representatives of the non-traditional suppliers in the automotive industry. Through helping the development of innovative products in the field of location technology TomTom tries to help the automotive industry to safely sail through the perfect storm. I also feel a great responsibility to keep quality jobs and traning in the Netherlands.

Maarten Steinbuch, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
"The unique collaboration of education with industry and government makes AutomotiveNL a prime example of a modern partnership.”

Arno Vijverberg, Bosch Transmission Technology
"For Bosch Transmission Technology it is of great importance to actively participate in the network that AutomotiveNL provides. Particularly thanks to the contacts with other automotive companies and related training we can make our contribution to the continuous development of the automotive industry in the Netherlands.”

Jos van Bree, wethouder economische zaken gemeente Helmond
"The biggest part of the Dutch automotive sector is in South-East Brabant and more particularly in Helmond. It is therefore logical that AutomotiveNL has his home in Helmond at the Automotive Campus, where we bring companies, research institutes and education together. As a board member of AutomotiveNL I am committed to further development of the sector. An industry with a huge future potential and of great importance for employment in our region.”

Frans Lipman, Tridec
"The automotive world is changing rapidly and there is great attention to electrify and autonomous driving. The traditional manufacturing industry (OEMs and suppliers) is for some perhaps less “sexy”, but suppliers offer by far the most jobs. In the board of AutomotiveNL I focus on the interests for this group, both for large players as well as small and medium enterprises.”

Wim Vossebelt, V-tron
"Developments in the field of Smart Mobility are changing fast. Often technologically driven, mostly early adopters are on the go with these new applications. To be truly successful soon, it is important to let many users take advantage of these services. I will devote myself to AutomotiveNL as an ambassador for this theme, so that we can continue improving our role and position in this field as Dutch Smart Mobility industry.”

Ron Borsboom, DAF Trucks N.V.
"As a member of the supervisory board of AutomotiveNL I keep monitoring the activities within AutomotiveNL on positive critical manner. The importance of the Dutch automotive industry is reflected in the top sectors policy. As a member of the council roadmap High Tech Systems and Materials I will monitor the use of TKI in various research institutions. Together with my colleagues I support the MBO of continuous learning through academic education. A recent example is the collaboration between DAF and the HAN in the field of education engineers.”

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Row 1, f.l.t.r: Henri Koolen, Paul van den Avoort, Maurice Geraets, Kees Gehrels, Carlo van de Weijer, Paul Hesen.
Row 2, f.l.t.r: Maarten Steinbuch, Arno Vijverberg, Jos van Bree, Frans Lipman, Wim Vossebelt, Ron Borsboom.

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