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Basic membership
- Provides access to the AutomotiveNL network.
AutomotiveNL helps you to find partners and is your helpdesk for all your questions regarding innovation and growth.
- You will be invited to all events that are interesting for you and you will receive a discount for the entree fees.
You will receive our digital newsletter.
You can participate in the AutomotiveNL innovation program and will be fully involved in making roadmaps, project initiatives and consortium formation in your chosen program lines. 

Full membership
Basic membership including:
- You are entitled to vote in the Federation AutomotiveNL and with this you will decide about the AutomotiveNL year program.
Two employees of your company visit the events of AutomotiveNL for free.


Company size   Contribution per year
In FTE   Basic member   Full member
0 – 10   € 500   € 1.000
11 – 100   € 1.000   € 2.500
101 – 250   € 1.500   € 5.000
251 – 500   € 2.500   € 9.500
>> 500   € 5.000   € 15.000

With your membership, you support the strengthening of the Dutch automotive sector:
- Promotion of the Dutch automotive sector in the Netherlands and abroad.
Highly specialized knowledge transfer through workshops and on-the-job training.
Reinforcement of automotive education at all levels, enabling more and better skilled graduates to become available to strengthen your company’s growth.
Widening the automotive network to other top areas and networks needed to realize broad mobility innovations.

More than 170 automotive and mobility companies are already a member of AutomotiveNL. If you would like to join us, click here for the membershop form.

Termination of the membership must be received in writing by the 1st of October of the current year and confirmed by the member administration of AutomotiveNL. If AutomotiveNL has not received a written notice by the 1st of October, and you have not received a confirmation from us, your membership for the new year will remain unchanged.


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